TED talk by David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence

Below you can see an inspiring TED talk by David Kelley, founder of design consultancy IDEO. In this talk he explains that our fear of judgement inhibits us from being creative. There is a way to fix this: taking small steps that feel comfortable so you can attain small successes. Through these successes you gain a sense of self-efficacy: the sense that you can attain what you set out to do.

Photo by James Duncan Davidson via TED

Creative challenges
At IDEO this is what David Kelley does by working with people on attainable creative challenges. Using design thinking, he breaks the process down into small steps that help people to come up with new ideas. What I take away from this talk is that when you fear that you cannot do something, it is best to take one small step towards the fear. A step that still feels safe so that you actually do it and be successful!